Continuous Enhancement of Our Production Processes

Over the years, our Group has invested in advanced machineries to enhance the efficiency of our manufacturing process. Hence, our Group is able to blend our management’s technical know-how with ability in operating the advance machineries to produce quality plywood. Hence our Group is now capable of the followings:

  • Integrating different type of timber logs to produce plywood which has reduced the restriction in the use of only certain types of timber logs;
  • Better production efficiency which increase the recovery logs resulting in lower production cost;
  • Use of smaller logs (which are lower in cost) in the manufacturing operation which has resulted in lower cost of raw material and broaden the source of log supply for its production.
  • Producing plywood with low content of formaldehyde.
  • Our Group adopts the following standards in our plywood manufacturing:
  • The product standard for imported wood veneer and platform (IHPA ¨C 2000) ¨C by the International Wood Products Association, US (“IHPA”); and
  • Export standard specification of Japanese plywood.